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Escape from Paradise

Escape from Paradise is a blend of action and suspense ignited by a clash of values that erupts in a battle between two psychologists in Hawaii. Dr. Carter, a psychologist who strives to transform Oahu into a community of love and equality resorts to terror and murder in order to conceal illegal methods. Patients seeking protection from Carter rouse another psychologist, Dr. Steadman, to oppose him.

While Steadman seeks to expose Carter and protect his patients, Carter tries to kill Steadman. After skirmishes on streets, beaches, underwater, and in jungles, action culminates as Steadman and escaped patients invade a meeting to honor Carter. But beyond this scene, there is more that the readers need to know from the intricate plot…

Escape from Paradise is like a complete immersion in a colorful new world where readers will be surprised and convincingly entertained.

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